Petition for Us

Various electronic petitions have been created and circulated on our half as protesters and occupiers of Leeds. Please contribute to our efforts by signing/spreading them. Thank you.

No victimisation of students and pupils who Marched in Leeds on 24 November 2010 petition

“We commend and applaud the determined, passionate and conscientious action of hundreds of your students, who took to the streets of Leeds alongside parents and beside the students and staff of Leeds Universities to protest peacefully against the removal of the EMA, the 80% cut to government Higher Education funding and the proposed rise in tuition fees to as much as £9000 per undergraduate year. These students of yours manifested the best of the qualities you might have promoted and nurtured in them: critical awareness, judgement, selflessness and an ability to balance threat of sanction against the need to support the causes of justice, equality and the right of access to further and higher education and self-improvement. We hope you are proud of their demonstration of determined protest and citizenship. We would ask that no individual be victimised, punished or otherwise punitively treated as a result of their admirable expression of social conscience.”


Statement in support of student direct action in Leeds petition

‘As workers (and former workers) at educational institutions across Leeds, we wish to express our support for the occupation of the Michael Sadler Building currently under way at the University of Leeds. This is a critical moment for the future of higher education and young people all over the country are courageously leading the fightback. We urge the University to take note of their demands, not to penalise or victimise those taking part in anyway, or use force against the students involved in the occupation. We urge the Vice-Chancellor to express vocal opposition to the current government’s destructive agenda for higher education and to join the anti-fees movement.’



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