Messages of Support to Our Occupation

26 Nov. 2010

From National Union of Teachers, S. Yorkshire:

I understand that students in Leeds are continuing the occupation. If so please pass on this message of support to all concerned and I hope the next day of national protest helps keep up the pressure on this disgraceful ConDem administration.

Good on you all.

Sent in a Personal Capacity
Pete Bevis

National Union of Teachers; National Executive Committee member representing South Yorkshire



23 responses to “Messages of Support to Our Occupation

  1. Student

    From a member of the Manchester Roscoe building a message of solidarity to you all! I hope spirits are high and that you are all in good health.
    Keir Barnett MMU

  2. From Leeds UCU


    As academics, teachers and support staff at the University of Leeds, we wish to express our support for the peaceful direct action currently underway in the ‘occupation’ of the Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre and Michael Sadler building. This is a crucial moment for the future of higher education and young people all over the country are rightly attempting to make their voices heard and their concerns taken into account. We call on the University to ensure that no force is exercised against the students involved in the occupation. We urge the University to take note of their demands, not to penalise or victimise those taking part in anyway, and urge the Vice-Chancellor to express vocal opposition to the current government’s destructive agenda for higher education.

    • Many thanks for this–so far, no word on repercussions. They’ve “elongated” the period we can occupy the lecture theatre. It’s a crucial moment for us all, best wishes for tomorrow’s London Day of Action.

  3. I completely support student protests which demonstrate and communicate frustration and anger creatively. Remember the police and otjher public servants face cuts too.

    mobilize, politicize: marry art and action.

  4. sally medlyn

    This is a message of support from a parent for the action you are taking. Student fees should be covered from general taxation. We all benefit from an educated community and loans penalise the poor. If you get a higher salary in later life you will pay more tax anyway.

    I would never have had a university education with the prospect of so much debt. The hypocrisy of the Lib Dems would be breath taking if they had not already shown their true colours by the mad rush for power above principle in entering a coalition with the Conservatives.

    The altruism of current students – most of whom will not be directly affected by the rise in fees – in protesting on behalf of others should also be made a lot more of as risking your own education and reputation is even more remarkable and praiseworthy in this light.

    • Ange Hook

      As another parent, I agree with you completely, Sally. I support the peaceful occupations of the Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre and Michael Sadler building completely.

      • Ange, many thanks. It has done us well to keep things as democratic and peaceful as possible. It’s been a blessing to have such a warm, united front within our own occupation.

    • Thank you, Sally! It makes an incredible difference receiving support from a parent. We appreciate your words and hope to carry out these seeds of change for future generations.

  5. Charli

    You have my complete support. Keep up the good work. It’s amazing to see the occupations all over the country going on and the way everyone is really coming together. SOLIDARITY… from a participant in the Manchester Occupation.

  6. Liz Weaver

    I was a student in the 60s, when debt wasn’t an issue and I am completely behind any peaceful action which brings this appalling situation to public notice. Education is a right for all, rich or poor. I am sickened to hear suggestions that students should seek out only those degrees which ensure future employment; that’s not the sole purpose of education (though it would help if there were enough jobs in this country!). Think for yourselves, keep open minds, think of your fellow citizens, and you won’t go far wrong.

    There are masses of us out here supporting your action. Keep strong and keep warm. All our best wishes are with you.

  7. bill h

    Good on you all. Hang on in there. I’m full of admiration for you taking this stand for what’s right. Politics has been dominated by expediency, duplicity and selfishness for far too long.
    The links to other campaigning strands such as the ukuncut actions against tax avoidance are building day-by-day and becoming a powerful force to reckon with.
    My understanding is that many people including thousands of students voted Lib-Dem because they made clear promises on student tuition fees, tackling tax avoidance and other ethical issues. We all know what they did.
    The 9 December London protest will be another milestone in the struggle.
    All best wishes.

  8. University of Bristol is now in occupation as well!
    Love and solidarity from all those involved.

  9. David Harvey

    It is heartwarming to know that resistance to the totally unnecessary austerity being imposed by the Cameron Government is building throughout the British University system. I congratulate you on your efforts to roll back what amounts to class assault on the well-being of the people for the benefit of the few through a politics of dispossession. They are the ones who should be dispossed of their inordinate wealth and power, not you.
    In solidarity,

    David Harvey

    • Some of us were fortunate to hear you speak recently in Liverpool–it’s so great to have your support as we try to undermine the neoliberalization of the uni system and retain our rights to quality education without debt and cuts. *Solidarity and thanks.

  10. Rebecca Adams

    Good luck tomorrow. Even if your peaceful protest has to end at 7.30am (for what I can only see are extremely petty reasons cited in the eviction notice & given that you intended to leave on Friday) you should be very proud of yourselves and what you have achieved and so should every sit in happening around the country.

    I’m heartened that young people haven’t been silenced and that you have been dignified every step of the way. It can’t be very easy to sleep in a lecture theatre and to do it on behalf of a generation of school leavers who will be caught up in cuts and fee rises is amazing.

    Cuts are inevitable in this unstable economy but not at the cost of an educated society. An educated society costs less and brings in more revenue so it makes no sense to me that students should be penalised. For every person who chooses not to take education further is a loss to society in general. Yesterday was a prime example – a huge leap forward in the quest for a cure for MS and who made this leap? Ex students, educated people and people need to see that link. For our society to move forward we need to educate our young people for they will be the ones leading us and curing us, building our cities and educating our children.

    Well done to each one of you, I hope you can continue until Friday.

  11. Paul Donnachie


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