Message of Solidarity from John Holloway!

The good news of the occupation has just reached Mexico, so lots of support from here.

Education now can only mean educating for the survival of humanity and that means fighting against the rule of money. The point of the cuts is just the opposite: to subordinate the universities ever more tightly to the dynamic of money which is human suicide. We must fight the cuts, not to defend the universities but to transform them.

Rage, rage, rage: rage against the rule of money.

Best wishes,

John Holloway



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2 responses to “Message of Solidarity from John Holloway!

  1. student

    It is questionable whether a student occupation can transform the university when it has the cleaning staff cleaning up after them.

  2. Every day since this has happened, an anecdote passes through my mind: The university sends in the cleaner (a woman) because that is its normal practice. The lecture theatre was messy–mugs, newspapers, food wrappers on the desktops, etc. And one of the occupiers leans into the microphone and says, “Everyone, she has been sent here to clean up. Now I think it’s only appropriate that we can clean up after ourselves and instead let her enjoy a cup of tea.”

    And all the occupiers did exactly that, without one groan of complaint. Not all students during the occupation can be spoken for or accounted for. But cleanliness was on the agenda, people were expected to pick up after themselves. And some of the students are still there, still cleaning. The university–any place–would re-organize and carry on to foster its image.

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