This is what solidarity looks like!

Yesterday, 2,000 people in Greece marched on the British embassy in solidarity with British students.
From The Vast Minority:
“The action, together with the Italian student protests this week, reinforces the fact that education ‘reforms’ and cuts are not isolated national issues with specific local causes, as the corporate media claims.

The whole of European [we would edit – global] society is coming under unprecedented attack from neoliberal forces and students everywhere are finding themselves on the front line.”

More also available here.

Two days ago, through Really Open University we received this solidarity message from Zurich: Dear all!

“We from zurich send you all the best for your occupation, we know how hard it can be: last year we kept occupying the biggest hall of our university during two weeks. It was a great time, we sampled new forms of communication and resistance, so will you!

global resistance against global cuts!
everything for everyone!
from zurich with love and rage!

students from zurich”

On the 19th of November, over 50 people in France also marched on the British embassy there – photos here, article and statement here.

This is a global movement. Thanks to all who have voiced your solidarity! We would like to express our solidarity with the countless people all over the world whose struggles go unheard.

One world, one struggle!
Occupied Leeds


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One response to “This is what solidarity looks like!

  1. Prof. Ira Shor

    Bravo! Keep fighting back against the disastrous policies of cutting budgets and raising costs. Education must be defended as a democratic right for the majority and stopped as privilege for an elite.

    Prof. Ira Shor
    City University of New York Graduate Center

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