Some messages of solidarity…

“Comrades you are an Inspiration to us all! You are showing us the way on how to fight the cuts and a hope for the future of our childrens Education! No – one wants to pay out £9000 minimum to pay fees, those who forced it on us should be ashamed when their education was free! Shame on them !

PS we served noticeon the Council yesterday of intention to ballot against redundancies – if we are on strike it will be the New Year – lets hope its the start of mass action of the public sector workers – joined in by Students!”

-A Chief Steward of UNISON


“Dear comrades

I am a Belgium student and I want to send you this message of support. In Belgium we face the same cuts and bourgeois attacks, but no real movement against it is rising, nor is the consciosness (due to the national problems, which is another discussion). But then it is good to see initiatives like yours! I don’t know much about the situation at Leeds at the moment, but it’s possible the media and government are trying to isolate the movement, by depicting them as just some idiot anarchists. That is why I wanted to send you this e-mail! We don’t just demonstrate against these specific cuts, we question the logic of the entire capitalist society. So actions taken in England are a warning to the whole European bourgeoisie that we won’t take this longer.

Keep up the good work and much succes!

With comradely greetings”


“Hi to all you guys that are sitting it out!

Just a quick message of admiration and thanks, I am a member of the Socialist party (Huddersfield branch) currently working in India. I wish I was back home, I have been keeping up to date on recent student activity via media coverage on the web- and I am genuinely feeling guilty about not being able to do much from here! I have been deeply moved by the actions of everyone involved in the demonstrations and occupations, helping me to keep the faith that a better, fairer society IS possible. You should be so proud, you are showing our Government that we won’t ignore the evils of capitalism and are willing to fight back!

Yours, in solidarity,”


“Sending solidarity from Huddersfield socialist students and YFJ, keep up the great work!! Hopefully, a couple of us will be down later on to show our solidarity in person.”



great job your doing…bet you smell a bit….never mind ey? hope your all enjoying your work. ….CART ON….
much love and respect from us in Blackburn.”
Wanting to give massive support to all who are standing strong in the occupation, I feel massive regret that I had to leave at about 4 o’clock in the afternoon…to those of you who stayed and spent the night, I applaud you.
Hasta la victoria siempre!”

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