List of Demands

The Michael Sadler building of Leeds University has been occupied in protest against the selling off of our education system. We stand in solidarity with all other student protests, the wave of occupations around the country, and all people fighting against the cuts.

We demand that this university:

  • Condemns all cuts to education
  • Publicly opposes the rise in tuition fees
  • Not take disciplinary or legal action against any of the occupiers.
  • Not penalise any staff, in particular security staff, for joining or supporting the occupation.

We demand that the government:

  • Not scrap the EMA and bonus system
  • Institutes a policy of free education for all
  • Stop the witch-hunt against, and victimisation of, the Millbank protestors
  • Stop bailing out bankers and instead tax them to fund our education and public services
  • Not implement any cuts or redundancies

We demand that Leeds City Council:

  • Refuse to implement cuts. They should run a deficit budget and break the law if necessary
  • Support UCU, Unison, Unite and other trade unions defending jobs and education

Finally, we demand that Aaron Porter and the NUS bureaucracy stop condemning student protesters and trying to divide our movement against cuts and fees.

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