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Leeds Students Continuation Occupation of Leeds University Building into 3rd Day

School, college, and university students are continuing our occupation of the Michael Sadler building at Leeds University. This is to protest against crippling tuition fee rises, education cuts, the scrapping of EMA, and the all out assault on the living standards of ordinary people and the welfare state.


The building was occupied following a hugely successful day of action where 3,000 Leeds students participated in a series of student walkouts, protests, and marches, with many workers joining in solidarity. This is a democratic occupation of over 100 where all decisions are made by working groups and mass meetings. We demand the Vice-Chancellor refuses to implement cuts or tuition fee rises. We also demand that there are no victimisations or repercussions for those involved in today’s protest and walkouts.

On Saturday we will hold an all-Leeds General Assembly of school, college, and university students, support staff and lecturers, and anybody interested in fighting back against the government’s cuts and austerity measures. The General Assembly is taking place in the occupied space, in the Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre in the Michael Sadler building, at 2pm.


Ian Pattison, press representative for the occupation, said “There is a positive mood in the occupation that has been boosted by the news the EMA is going to be saved in Wales. This has given us the confidence that if we fight we can win.”

For more info contact please contact Ian Pattison (Press Representative for the occupation) 07766585543



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